Successful businesses need more than strong financial results, so we place great importance on what we do AND how we do it. Responsible business is embedded within our Strategy and is supported across the business via our Corporate Responsibility policies.



We promote a common culture and identity throughout the company. It sets out the way we do business and what it means to be part of our Company. It is our framework for a sound system of internal controls and all employees are required to comply with these policies in all aspects of their work. 



We operate throughout the UK, the European Market and also in Africa with a strong sense of responsibility towards our shareholders, customers, partners, employees and the communities in which we operate. Our strategy is built on sustainable growth.


In support of our strategy, we strive for a culture and identity as described in our Corporate Governance Policies. Our culture is based on strong values underpinned by straightforward policies and processes which guide the way we work and behave. We expect all employees to uphold our values and comply with our policies in all aspects of how they work. 


Operational managers ensure that detailed controls (both operational and financial) are defined and implemented within the business in accordance with our Policies. They are required to confirm twice-yearly through an Operational Assurance Statement that their area of the business is in compliance with our Policies. This assurance forms one of our key performance indicators, helping us to create clarity and consistency in everything we do.

What we stand for         

We are committed to behaving responsibly and that means doing business in a way that reflects our company values, which are fundamental to our culture.



How our business works

We operate across the UK, the European Market and also on projects in Africa. Corporate Responsibility is embedded in our decision making and throughout our business.


Meeting High Ethical Standards

Our Code of Conduct, ethics training and Ethics Policy gives practical guidance and examples to help employees deal with important ethical issues.



We want to make sure that every one of our employees returns home safely at the end of each day. We give employees training and tools to ensure they do.


Working with Suppliers

Our suppliers are based in the UK and overseas.  We buy a range of major equipment, services, materials and components that contribute to the products and services we provide to our customers.  We expect all our suppliers to adhere to the same core business principals, ethical standards and values that we operate by.



Environmental Sustainability

As a manufacturer, our operations have an impact on the environment through the energy and resources we use and the waste we generate. We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and helping our customers and suppliers do the same.


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