Trench Installation of GSI Coiled Duct

GSI Coiled Duct is a cable protection duct solution supplied in great lengths.   Immensely strong, it uncoils with ease, lying flat on the ground.   A key benefit of using GSI Coiled Duct is the speed and ease with which it can be installed, reducing costs and Health & Safety risks.


Automated trenching enables great lengths of GSI Coiled Duct to be installed in a very short time.  GSI Coiled Duct does not require the use of additional protective aggregates and can simply use 'as dug' soil.   As a consequence, it is possible to install over 3,000m in a day.


The following videos show equipment which can be used to increase the speed of delivery of cable ducted networks.

AFT Trenchers supply a machine (MH100) which is boom mounted.  This can access hard to reach areas and cuts trenches at great speed.  The videos show how this enables GSI Coiled Duct to be installed quickly and easily over long distances.


The MH100 Trencher can cut trenches at 10 x the speed of normal.  Trenches up to 400mm wide and 1600mm deep can be cut in tough ground conditions (including rock and solid concrete) as shown in the following videos.

Trenching video:

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