Ducting for the future
Ducting for the future

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GSI Coiled Duct

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Ducting for the future

Faster - Safer - Stronger - Cheaper - Better


GSI Coiled Duct is leading a new era of Communication, Control & Underground Cable duct infrastructures.


  • significant project cost savings now and for the future 

  • great benefits for the environment

  • considerably enhanced sustainability for projects

  • reduces Health & Safety risks on projects

  • providing a ducted network of incredible strength that will remain intact for 50+ years

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GSI Coiled Duct is a very robust ducting system for cable/fibre networks. It is manufactured in great continuous lengths, complete with a pre-manufactured inner ducts (which can be silicone lined). There is a range of outer duct and inner duct configurations possible.




Health & Safety is one of GSI's key corporate values.  Read more about how GSI can help you reduce your health and safety risks.

GSI Coiled Duct Range

GSI Coiled Duct has great strength

Fast...Effective...Immensely strong...Flexible...Cost efficient...Robust...No crushing...No disjointed or shattered ducts...Reduced environmental impact and Reduced social impact...


Protect your investment with GSI Coiled Duct for underground cable ducted networks which will remain air-tight and water-tight and will survive extreme external forces.


Products are manufactured under the Quality Assurance System of IS0 9001 and the Environmental Management System of IS0 14001.

Robust Coiled Duct

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