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GSI Coiled Duct is the pre-eminent product for installing underground duct and cables over long distances.


GSI Coiled Duct (GCD) delivers significant benefits for infrastructure projects on: Motorways; Railways; Airports; New Nuclear Build; Telecommunications; Defence; Power; Construction; Ports; House Building; Wind and Solar Farms.


GCD is a remarkably simple and transformational solution which is supplied in long continuous lengths and withstands great compressive and impact forces.


Using only 'as dug' material as backfill, no additional materials need to be imported and no waste materials require disposal.  Removing the requirement for air-testing also results in substantial reductions in time working in a high risk environment.  


Independent contractors can now install a GCD network in less than 1/2 the time with a 20% cost reduction on the installed cost of traditional duct.


GCD delivers:


  • High speed of installation
  • Reduced Health & Safety risks

  • Incredible strength.  Ducted networks will remain intact and perform for 50+ years
  • Cost savings now and for the future

  • Benefits for the environment

  • Enhanced sustainability                                            

GSI Coiled Duct is a complete continuous coiled cable protection duct solution for underground ducting and has been tested, used and proven for over 15 years in 30 countries. Significant customers include the US Department of Defense, US Navy and US Army.   It forms an important part of railway, highway, communication and border to border national infrastructure projects.


GCD is perfectly suited for this rôle by reducing environmental impacts, lowering costs and introducing safer working methods.  GCD's unparalleled strength ensures continual performance throughout its life, even in areas of high seismic risks.  GCD is a future proof ducting solution, enabling data networks to be easily upgraded and further developed in the future.   This can be of great benefit to projects especially as they adapt to cope with future developments.


GSI works closely with major construction companies to share the benefits GCD delivers for the different industry sectors, deliver value for Government and delivering benefits to the public.




Health & Safety is one of GSI's key corporate values.  GSI Coiled Duct can help you reduce the health and safety risks on your projects.   Read how we do this here.

GSI Coiled Duct Brochure


This document forms a presentation showing the application and installation of GSI Coiled Duct. In particular it highlights the strength of the duct and how easy the long continuous lengths of coiled ducting are to manage on a work site.


GSI Coiled Duct has great strength

Protect your investment with GSI Coiled Duct.  Underground cable ducted networks using GSI Coiled Duct will remain air-tight and water-tight and will survive extreme external forces.


Products are manufactured under the Quality Assurance System of IS0 9001 and the Environmental Management System of IS0 14001.

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