Cable Ducting Installation:

Various methods of GSI Coiled Duct (GCD) cable duct installation.  Each has merit and much depends upon the exact project requirements.   GSI Coiled Duct (GCD) is ideally suited to complement each of these techniques and, indeed, enables some types of installation which have not been previously possible with traditional ducts.   In all cases GCD will deliver benefits in terms of Speed, Safety, Strength and Cost Savings, delivering a very robust duct network that will stand the test of time.



The simplest form of installation:

  • Installation rates of 480m/day;
  • >4 times faster to install than traditional duct;
  • 60-89% safer installation;
  • Installing substantially stronger and more durable duct;
  • Reducing installation costs by 18-22%.



Installation rates of >720m/day.   Depending on ground availability, rates in excess of 1,000m/day are realistic.  GCD can be installed as fast as trenches can be cut.


Trenching plant equipment can be mounted on the boom of a digger.   This method can, therefore be used in very confined areas.   Suitable for narrow verges.


Depending on soil types, trenching machines can cut in excess of 2,000m/day.


For more information on trenching read more here


Video showing GCD being installed using a trenching machine is shown in our video gallery page



GSI Coiled Duct can be installed above an old duct network.  The old network is left untouched.


Previously, an old buried cable ducting network had to be dug up and completely removed before a new duct network can be installed.


Enormous savings (time, materials and cost) can be made through this use of GCD.


Existing chambers can be kept as part of the new network.



Fully automated, this type of equipment can cut trenches, insert ducts and marker tape and restore the trench with graded as dug backfill.  It is possible to install multiple ducts at the same time.


The plant equipment required is large and may not be suitable for some projects.   To maximise benefits, long installation routes are required.  Installation rates of 3-5Km/day are possible.


GCD has been very successfully employed with this process to deliver major border to border infrastructures.    For more information on trenching read more here


Video showing GCD being deployed with Automated Trenching is shown in our video gallery page



GSI Coiled Duct(GCD) is a perfect solution for Horizontal or Directional Drilling (HDD).


No pipe welding is required. GCD is delivered in long continuous lengths.  Pulling pits may not be required.


GCD is a very simple and cost effective solution. 


Video showing GCD being deployed with HDD is shown in our video gallery page


PIPE BURSTING (currently under evaluation)


Pipe Bursting can use an old existing duct network to pull in a replacement duct of GCD.


A pulling head is drawn through the old duct, to shatter or split the old duct.   This bursting head also pulls through the new replacement GCD duct.


This process avoids major earth works and opening of trenches to remove the old duct before new duct can be installed.


Early indications with this process show that GCD performs well and easily handles the tensile pressures involved.

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